Are you passionate about health and wellness and would love to help others? then why not become a HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH!

Are you looking for a career change or to add some extra skills to your C.V? Well why not have a think about becoming a Holistic Health Coach? Many therapists, yoga teachers, doctors and other wellness professionals are making the decision to study Holistic Health Coaching in order to widen their skill sett and offer a more holistic approach to wellness. However, it is a perfect course for anyone to undertake in order to first improve their own health before maybe moving on to making a career out of Holistic Health Coaching

The Institute For Integrative Nutrition

Improving The World's Health And Happiness One Health Coach At A Time! 



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The Institute For Integrated Nutrition

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'The mission of The Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is to play a crucial role in improving heath and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.'

About The Course

The IIN course is 1 year in length and can be completed fully online. It is designed for anyone with an interest in health and wellness, whether you are interested in just learning to live a healthier life yourself or you want to help others to do the same. The IIN course curriculum covers over 150 dietary theories and combines coaching techniques with business and marketing advice. Everything you need to start up your coaching practice. IIN takes a holistic approach to wellness and views areas such as exercise and spirituality as important parts of a healthy life.

Learn From The World's Top Wellness Experts


Here are some of the experts involved in the IIN course:

IIN Core Values

Be a source of positive change.

Do what you love and love what you do.

Set an example of self-development and growth.

Live each day with the freedom to choose what’s right for you.

Support each other in the global shift to better health.

Embrace learning and new ways to do things.

Create balance in all areas of life.

Simplify everything.


If you are interested in becoming a Holistic Health Coach but want to find out a bit more information first, have a read of the information below and download the guides. If you have any further questions about becoming a Holistic Health Coach feel free to email Helen

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Nearly 30% of the World's population are obese

Less than 1/8 of physical visits include any nutritional counselling

70% of deaths are caused by chronic illness each year

1/3 American adults have high blood pressure

Only 3% of our healthcare dollars are spent on preventing diseases



'We need health care not sick care. Step-by-step health coaches are creating a new future for health care and for humanity. Together we are strong.' Joshua Rosenthal