Social Media For Physiotherapy and wellness businesses

Social media can be daunting for a lot of people and as it's constantly changing, it's often hard to keep up. However, it is a vital part of any health coaching, physiotherapy or wellness business in order to build on current client relationships and create new ones. 

I started offering Social Media Consulting and Management services for Health Coaches, Physiotherapy clinics and health and wellness businesses due to the fact many of my contacts kept asking me for help. Most people running coaching businesses, physio clinics or businesses such as healthy cafes, or yoga studios don't know how to manage their social media proficiently or authentically. Some don't have the time, or just have no interest in it, even though they know it's vital for their business. Here are the current social media services I offer:

  • Online Webinar Presentation - Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Instagram account. Approx. 2 hrs. A 1:1 training session via Skype which is individually tailored to your brand or business. Personalised action points will be given with ongoing support after the session as required. Make sure you have a pen and paper as the presentation is packed full of useful info and insights to help you reach more people with your posts and find new clients!


  • Social Media Management - Includes management of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter business accounts. Frequency of posting decided by the client and scheduled at set days/times. Contracts minimum of 3 months.


  • Content Creation - Creation of blog posts or information pages on specific physiotherapy, health and wellness topics for posting on your website. Increases Google visibility, Website traffic and SEO.


  • Lecture to Physiotherapy Universities - How to set up and use social media for your Physiotherapy business. The legal aspects and professional codes of conduct and standards of practice.


If you think your physiotherapy business or wellness business could do with some assistance with their social media or content creation for your website, please email me at:



"We first started working with Helen just under six months ago. She achieved great results for us in this time including increasing our Instagram following to over 10,000 and significantly improving engagement.

Helen is responsive, flexible and proactive. I’ve loved simply being able to trust her to do a great job every time she is needed! Her combined knowledge of physio and marketing is unique and she provided us with great ideas and initiatives that have directly led to increased sales.

I very happily recommend working with Helen, I’m sure you’ll be as pleased with the results as we are!”

Tom, UK Physiotherapist

"When I set up my juice bar, I never knew how important the social media side of my business was. I was posting a few times a month thinking that this was enough. I had very little engagement and it didn't seem to be driving any customers to my juice bar. With some help from Helen I was able to build my social media in an authentic way and get more exposure. I saw a big difference in the number of customers visiting, and many would say they saw my lovely Instagram pictures and decided to stop by. I can't thank Helen enough for providing her expertise and insight to my business, and I certainly now see the importance of having well managed social media accounts. I would recommend Helen's services to anyone with a small business and no idea of how to grow their social media following."

Margaret Wandsworth - Vegan cafe owner

"Helen's Instagram seminar was perfect for me as a starter and someone who knew little about Instagram. Her presentation was clear and easy to follow and it was very enjoyable and definitely informative. I would recommend people wanting to make their first steps on Instagram to attend Helen's seminar."

Loesha Stoutenbeek - Health Coach and Acupuncturist