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How Hiring A Health Coach Can Help Get Your Health Back On Track In 2017!

Make A New Years Goal To Improve Your Health

Looking after your health is one of the most important things you can do, but why is it so hard for so many? We all come up with excuses as to why we don't have time to exercise, don't have the money to buy healthy, organic food or justify the need to have a glass or two of wine at the end of a stressful work day. People forget it's the little things you do every day which affect your long-term health. The New Year is a perfect time to re-assess your health goals and make a plan to achieve those goals. Whether you live in and around Amsterdam or anywhere else in the world, Helen can help you to get your health back on track! Helen encourages small maintainable changes to your lifestyle that do not take much effort to achieve and are therefore easier to continue for the future.

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INFNTI AMSTERDAM: Leggings for every occasion by Funky Simplicity

INFNTI  - 'Where yoga meets fashion'

My favourite yoga and lifestyle store INFNTI in Amsterdam has recently started stocking a new brand of activewear by Funky Simplicity . I recently went to view the range and loved the range of patterns and designs! They are great for any occasion, be it relaxing in your comfy sweater at home, your weekly yoga class, brunch date with your friends or even a night out in the city. Here are some pics of some of the styles and different ways you can wear them. 

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Sushilee: Delicious sushi made with love in Amsterdam Zuidas

Sushilee opened in May 2016 and is already becoming a very popular place to eat in the Zuidas area of Amsterdam. The menu offers a range of Japanese dishes and snack items depending on whether you want a quick bite to take out or a sit down meal with a friend. The roasted Green Tea is delicious and I had to buy some to drink at home. The roasting removes the bitter taste sometimes found when drinking green tea. 

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Chocolate Rocks: A Unique Chocolate Experience From Amsterdam.

Chocolate Rocks?

So here is something new, chocolates that look like different types of geological rocks! The idea was created by Product Designer Michal and Chef Borch who combined their areas of expertise and came up with these delicious creations. Made from dark chocolate and other interesting ingredients such as coconut, turmeric, pumpkin, beetroot, Spirulina, red cabbage, Hibiscus and more. The colours in the 'rocks' are created by dried fruits and vegetables and are added in irregular layers to create realistic looking chocolate rocks.

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Sweet Bob's Brazilian Brigadeiro: The first Dutch Brigadeiro Shop.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Sweet Bob on the Brouwersgracht, Amsterdam. I have frequently walked past this place, so I decided to find out a bit more about the 'Brazilian Brigadeiro'. I had absolutely no idea what a Brigadeiro was up until this week.

A 'Brigadeiro' is a Brazilian delicacy first created in the 1940's and is common to see at celebrations and parties. The sweet is made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter with various flavourings and toppings. Currently there are 30 different flavours at Sweet Bob's with about 10-12 of these flavours available each day. 

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