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Les Culottes: Natural Handmade Underwear Made From Modal

After becoming a lot more conscious about what I put on my skin beauty wise, the next obvious step was to become more aware of what I was putting next to my skin. I've been discovering the world of "Slow Fashion" and feeling the comfort of my skin when wearing natural rather than artificial fibres, so it only makes sense to think about what I was putting next to my most delicate areas of skin. I discovered Les Culottes at a recent wellness event and loved the designs. 

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Nature Footwear A/W2017 Collection

You may already know I'm a big fan of Nature shoes. I've recently added to my collection, so you may be seeing a bit more of them. They are super comfy and I love to wear them to work or when walking around Amsterdam. They are also a great shoe to wear when traveling. The shoes from Nature are designed by Eik Ottosen who wanted to create shoes what were actually designed around the shape of the foot, and are handmade in Portugal. It's even possible to get the sole replaced when they wear down! Very sustainable. 

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Tired Of Not Finding A pair Of Jeans To Fit You? Why not get them custom made?

SELFNATION are a Zurich based company who wanted to take the stress out of trying to find the perfect fit jean for your individual body. Their website takes you through a step by step guide to taking your measurements, which included easy to understand videos to make sure you take you measurements correctly. It only took a couple of minutes to do mine (I'm used to taking body measurements from being a physiotherapist) and it was very simple to input your data and store it to your account for next time!

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